Another Shot at Norah Head

Another Shot at Norah Head

Norah Head is only 20 minutes north of our house and a good place for us to go camping with our Jayco Club friends.

On the first night, in the pitch black, Greg (a friend and Jayco Club member) and I walk down to the headland to take photos of the lighthouse. The photo above was made at around 8pm that night.

Norah Head Lighthouse and headland from southern end of Soldiers Beach

Camping on Elm Street at Norah Head Holiday Park was certainly not a nightmare. We enjoyed six days and nights there.

Elm Street – plenty of Norfolk Pines, but not sure where the Elms are?

Apart from eating and meeting with other members of the Jayco Club, we spent plenty of time walking along Soldiers Beach.

Road to Soldiers Beach, also used for illegal drag racing
Northern headland rock shelf of Soldiers Beach
This scene reminds me of a Russell Drysdale painting
Waves of green rolling toward the ocean

The Long Jetty Festival was held during our stay at Norah Head, so we decided to take a brief look. By the time we arrived thousands of people had already gathered.

In addition to the types of stalls pictured, three stages had been set up for the many musos on the bill, but these were not ready to “rock” at the time.

Back to strolling along the beach

Pelican Beach, next beach south of Soldiers Beach
Pelican Beach
Maggie suggested this is a shrine to coffee
Soldiers Beach with a faint view of The Entrance in the background

I love watching birds in flight, but I don’t normally attempt to capture images of them. I decided to reset the camera; change from Aperture Priority to Shutter Priority; select a fast shutter speed; switch to continuous shooting mode instead of single; and “have a go”. Although, with a short 55mm lens fitted, it was not ideal. Tracking these birds in flight was difficult and will require more practice and a longer lens. Despite the difficulties, I thought these few cropped shots might be worth showing you.

A little blurry, but I like seeing the Gull from this angle
This crow won the food fight

Time for a rest. Take care and I’ll see you next time.

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