The Head Named Hat

The Head Named Hat

We Australians tend give locations funny names and the head named “Hat” comes into that category.

As travel was allowed in NSW, we camped at Hat Head with family members for five days, during the July 2020 School Holidays.


The area was apparently given this name because someone thought one of the headlands looked like a hat, but for me none of them fit that description.

Korogoro Track

DSC08703Grandma (Maggie), Tom, Jamie, Belinda and Kane on a walk around the Korogoro Track


DSC08815Korogoro Creek / Lagoon


The Historic town of Gladstone is only 18 kms from Hat Head and well worth a visit.

DSC08860Gladstone Memorial baths and Hall

DSC08858This property (Residence + Emporium + Cafe) was featured on ABC’s Escape from the City program. (Unfortunately the cafe and Emporium have now closed)



And South West Rocks is only 28 kms from Hat Head.


We were there in mid-winter, so it was not surprising we needed a fire during the rather cool evenings.

IMG_6323Baking potatoes in the fire pit

Another short, but enjoyable holiday concluded. Thanks Belinda & Kane, thanks Tom & Jamie. Let’s do it again sometime.

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