AlistairScribbles 2

AlistairScribbles 2

From my early years I wanted to be a musician. I was born into the Salvation Army (SA), because my parents were Salvation Army Officers (aka ministers or pastors). My father was also a musician, who had played cornet in SA brass bands. At first I wanted to play in the SA brass band, which I did for a few years (from about 13 – 21), however in my late teens I decided to be a rock muso and played bass guitar in a number of bands. I believe this was how my urge to be creative developed.

Wanting to be creative did not always take me in the direction I’d hoped. I stopped playing music. The hours were not particularly family friendly and it didn’t earn a lot of money. So I began to record and produce other musicians for few years, then realised I could support my family in a much better way by selling the high end audio gear that I’d been operating in studios and radio.

Despite the many twists and turns throughout my life, the urge to create has not diminished. No doubt, a stronger desire to make a contribution in my small sphere of influence has fuelled and directed the creative urge in more recent times.

Untitled 26a -Copyright ©2023 Alistair Dewar
Find the Rhythm – Copyright ©2023 Alistair Dewar

Grasshopper – Copyright ©2023 Alistair Dewar

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