Darwin, Capital of the Top End

Darwin, Capital of the Top End

Replica of 9.2″ Gun in use around Darwin during WWII

Smith Street pedestrian mall
View from Bicentennial Park (along harbour front) to buildings on the Esplanade
Overhead view of footbridge leading to waterfront park and working harbour in background
Anglican Cathedral
Southern end of Smith Street
Old style accommodation on The Esplanade
Waterfront Park at night
Northern Territory Parliament Building – locals call it the “wedding cake” because it’s rectangular, has layers filled with fruit and nuts soaked in alcohol
We dined in the front deck section
The beautiful Maggie
Navy ship docked here
CBD and Parliament House
Operating Lighthouse
Thrill Seekers
Northern suburbs in background
The sunset was long and gorgeous

Cullen Bay’s Lock in use
Eclectic bar and dining
We beat the crowds
Mussels and Prawns
The only Busker that day
Long low tide
Rear (beach side) of Mindil Beach Casino Resort
Albino Buffalo and mate
Large area of wetlands

Layers upon layers of paintings
Turtle and Fish can be seen clearly
About half way up
From the bottom it didn’t look so far
Ahhh, made it
Slabs of rock lifted at all angles
Kakadu Plateau
Some parts of plateau lush and others dry
It doesn’t look very high up, but notice the couple below for perspective
A large Crocodile resting on the river bank
Our Cultural Guide showing us his spear and how to use it
Our guide demonstrating the uses of his spear launcher (not called a Woomera in this part of NT)
Cliffs beside East Alligator River
The crocs know to follow each boat, while staying within their own territory
Wangi Falls and deep water pool
Monitor Lizard near the pool
A “cathedral” termite mound

View from our hotel balcony

  • rhonda
    Posted at 17:44h, 13 October Reply

    Thank you looked like a great trip Cant wait to go

    • Alistair Dewar Photography
      Posted at 19:03h, 13 October Reply

      Thanks for your comment Rhonda. We enjoyed it immensely. I’m certain you will enjoy every minute of it.

  • Barbara Wood
    Posted at 20:00h, 17 October Reply

    Beautiful photos Al, a lovely reminder too of our fantastic holiday there.
    Cheers Barb

    • Alistair Dewar Photography
      Posted at 20:19h, 17 October Reply

      I appreciate your comment Barbara and I’m pleased I was able provide you with a reminder of your time there.

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