Lockdowns are Out, Travel is on the Cards

Lockdowns are Out, Travel is on the Cards

If you haven’t heard, we in the Greater Sydney Area (GSA) of NSW Australia have been released from our Covid lockdown. We can now travel within the GSA, but cannot as yet travel to any other part of Australia. From November 1st 2021 we will be free to travel within New South Wales. Before Christmas Australia could be reopening to the world.

The talk from some US politicians and celebrities wanting to send troops to liberate us from tyrannical governments is laughable. Our various levels of government have made mistakes and lockdowns have been frustrating, but at least the advice of our health experts has been taken seriously. So we are in a much better position than most countries (especially the USA) in relation to Covid 19.

And while our weather is relatively mild at present on the Central Coast during October, it has been unpredictable. October is the second month of our Spring and we’ve experienced wet wintery days, strong gusty winds and hot summery days, but we’ve not had enough rain.

Spring is sprung, the grass is riz

I wonder where the raindrops is

Winter in Spring on the Central Coast

The Lake is still down on its normal level

A Warm Windy Afternoon at Soldiers Beach

The Chip Fight

Winter in Spring at Manly

We were allowed to travel to Sydney to see family and friends soon after NSW reached 70% double vaccination.

Wednesday 13th October marked the last weekday service of the Freshwater Class Manly Ferries, signalled with horn blaring

The garden is going well (hose watering has saved it)

… and a total change of direction

The next episode will be from somewhere else in NSW, Australia.

Stay safe and have fun.

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