The Riverboat Postman Cruise

The Riverboat Postman Cruise

We joined a group of friends recently on the famous Riverboat Postman cruise.

The Riverboat Postman service commenced in 1910 to deliver mail and goods to settlements along the Hawkesbury River that lacked road access. The service is currently managed by Hawkesbury Cruises based at the Brooklyn Wharf (adjacent to the train station). 

 “Our coffee is real, our tea is hot, and our famous ANZAC biscuits are home-made daily to Grandma’s recipe. We’ll give you a pretty fine lunch too!”

From our experience this promise is fulfilled and is included in the cost of the cruise.

Our first mail delivery and pick up was at Dangar Island to the north east of the Brooklyn wharf ….

…. with further delivery stops up the river to the west beyond the train and road bridges.

The Train Bridge with pylon for older bridge in front
Old pylon to the left, current train bridge to the right, tunnel to Brooklyn station and beyond to Sydney

We passed many notable rock formations and small villages.

The part wreck of World War 1 ship HMAS Parramatta at Cascade Gully
Another mail delivery location at Bar Point NSW
A second Riverboat Postman carrying school children followed us and carried out some of the delivery tasks

We enjoyed our time on the river and have since pondered the life style of people from those isolated communities.

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  • tony russo
    Posted at 14:06h, 23 June Reply

    Nice vibe and lovely pics .Well done Al

    • alistairstravel
      Posted at 14:17h, 23 June Reply

      Thanks for your response Tony. Hope you are well.

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