Beaches and Lakes in New South Wales, Australia

Beaches and Lakes in New South Wales, Australia

According to there are more than 892 beaches in New South Wales, stretching from Duranbah Beach in the north to Cape Howe in the south. Despite our regular excursions to parts of the NSW coast we would have only visited 100 (approximately) of the 892+ beaches. So there are still a lot of coastal beaches for us to explore in NSW, in addition to the 48 lakes in our home state.

We commenced our 2022 caravanning with visits to a small number of beaches and one lake in the Forster area of NSW.

At Lakeside Forster Holiday Park we were camped beside Wallis Lake, with our friends in the Jayco Club.

View of Wallace Lake and Booti Booti Beach from Whoota Whoota Lookout

Wallis Lake as seen from Green Point

Western side of Wallis Lake from the village of Coomba

Adjoining Wallis Lake are Smiths Lake and Myall Lake, neither of which we visited on this occasion.

Forster and surrounding areas from Cape Hawk

The walk to the summit of Cape Hawk with our Jayco friends

Beautiful “Westie” named Max on the Cape Hawk tower platform


Seal Rocks

After 5 days at Forster we moved 40 kilometres south to Reflections Holiday Park at Seal Rocks, to camp with another group of friends. One special friend was there to greet us.

Goanna or Lace Monitor

Boat Beach at Seal Rocks

Seal Rocks Post office and General Store overlooks Boat Beach

Number 1 Beach at Seal Rocks

Number 1 Beach is across the road from the caravan park, which makes it ideal for quick beach access.


Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse and Lighthouse Beach

It’s a short drive (approx. 6 minutes) from Seal Rocks to Sugarloaf Point car park.

However, the walk from the car park to the base of the Sugarloaf Point takes about 10 minutes and then there’s another 2 or 3 minute walk up the slope to the sheds and houses, plus a further 2 or 3 minutes up a steep slope to the Lighthouse (depending on your fitness level).

At the southern end of Lighthouse Beach is Treachery Point (as seen in photo above). The following photo was taken from Treachery Point.

There is certainly more to discover in this area if you are adventurous and have the time.

Stay Safe and enjoy!

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