Opal Country Epilogue

Opal Country Epilogue

Comments I received, by email following the previous two Opal Country blogs, made me realise I didn’t portray the area in a way that conveyed how I felt about it. Experiencing the contrasting colours of the white and red soils, the locals’ obsession with mining opals, the laconic sense of humour, the self sufficiency of the residents, the dry hot climate and the uniqueness of the area makes me want to go back there. If you haven’t had the opportunity, I certainly recommend you make the trip.

Of course, not everyone will find this combination of attributes attractive, so following is a different perspective on what is available at “the ridge” and the surrounding areas.

The Bevan Cactus Nursery, just outside town, is one of the largest in the southern hemisphere. It hosts around 2,500 varieties of cacti from around the world.

Maggie in foreground

After leaving Lightning Ridge we travelled to Collarenabri (just over an hours drive from LR) and camped beside the river for the night.

Maggie uploading her photos to Facebook. By contrast, it has taken me several months to post these photos

The following morning we made a brief stop at Wee Waa (1.5 hours drive), on our way to Narrabri (a further 35 minutes drive).

At Narrabri, Patrick and I drove out to see a large number of small telescopes.

This is Patrick, with his partner Heidi

This concludes the coverage of our “Tour de West” NSW. There’ll be more adventures to post, when we manage to get our caravan back on the road.

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