Interesting Towns in North Eastern Victoria, Australia

Interesting Towns in North Eastern Victoria, Australia

April 2018, after the Man from Snowy River Festival we visited several interesting country towns in north-eastern Victoria and later in southern New South Wales.

Milawa, Victoria

There is not much of a township at Milawa, however there are lots of interesting places to visit within walking distance. We stayed at the Milawa Caravan Park, with nine of our friends.

The Jayco “Hilton”, our home at the Milawa Caravan Park
This historic Police house is part of the caravan park at Milawa, built circa 1890
Behind the police house is the park office, formerly the police horse stables, circa 1870
The old flour mill at Milawa, late 1800s, was steam-driven
Our friend John, also photographing the old flour mill
St Paul’s Anglican Church, Milawa
Oxley Shire Hall

The Oxley Shire existed from 1862 until 1994. It and Milawa are now part of the Wangaratta Shire.

Brown Brothers Vineyard, Winery and Cellar Door is in Milawa. It’s a great place to have lunch and sample some tasty wines

We also visited The Milawa Cheese Factory. Their cheese is definitely worth trying. After tasting, we bought their Mount Buffalo Blue and a Milawa Brie. Both are very good.

The beautiful, but dry, countryside

Milawa is certainly worth a visit for its peaceful surroundings and the various attractions it offers (not previously mentioned – The Mustard and Olive shops) .

Glenrowan, Victoria

On our last day in Milawa, Maggie and I set out to explore several nearby Victorian towns. Others in the group mapped their own expeditions.

Our friend’s van parked outside the Glenrowan Pub at 10.59 am

Contrary to popular belief, Norm did not park there to visit the pub. He and Di were also sightseeing in Glenrowan. Besides, the pub had not yet opened for the day.

Statue of Ned Kelly at Glenrowan in his home-made armour

Ned Kelly is arguably Australia’s most infamous outlaw and is inextricably linked to Glenrowan.

On Sunday 27th June 1880 Kelly and his gang descended on Glenrowan and took over the town. They planned to derail and ambush an approaching police train near Glenrowan. The police received a “tipoff” which meant they averted the derailment and the ambush. So dressed in armour made from metal ploughs and outnumbered, the gang took on the Police in the early hours of Monday 28th at Glenrowan. During the ensuing gun battle Kelly was severely wounded and captured. The other gang members were killed. Kelly was charged with murder (amongst other crimes), convicted and then executed on 11th November 1880.

A replica of the 1880 Glenrowan Railway Station building, which stood in this exact place. Here, Kelly received medical treatment for gun shot wounds, before being taken to Melbourne Gaol

During our visit the temperature was around 34 degrees C, winds were strong and dry, the air full of red dust and the undergrowth parched following a long period without rain. The “firies” were on high alert.

So it was not surprising that shortly after we arrived in Glenrowan the local fire brigade was called out to help control a local grass fire.

The fire truck departing Glenrowan, with siren and lights “blazing”, while “Ned Kell” mannequins look on.

There is more on offer in Glenrowan, but we were keen to move on to check out Chiltern.

Chiltern, Victoria

Named after Chiltern Hills in England, Chiltern was established in 1858-59 during the Victorian gold rush.


Until 1962 the main road between Sydney and Melbourne (the Hume Highway), ran through Chiltern.

I’ll have a bucket of horse flu vaccine, please! Oh, and can you mix-up something for my “hay fever”

There are “heritage” buildings everywhere one looks, in Chiltern.


We enjoyed lunch at the Chiltern bakery in Conness Street and greatly appreciated the opportunity to see such a well-preserved historic town.

In our next episode we take a look at Lockhart and Gunning in southern New South Wales.

Feel free to leave a comment below or perhaps share your own experience of one or more of these places.

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