Holiday in Paradise 2018

Holiday in Paradise 2018

Just South of Yass, NSW Australia.

This is the river that runs through Paradise, the once mighty Murrumbidgee. You might have heard about it?
And this is Patrick, emerging from his daily bath in the river. He looks sad, but is only looking “down” because the rocks under his feet are rather slippery
Walking on water is Peter, looking for his lost fishing lure
Then there’s Peter number 2, who waded across the river to rescue his favourite lure
However, Peter number 2 is the number 1 fisherman
And here’s the evidence
A beautiful rainbow trout, which Peter successfully returned to the river after the obligatory photo shoot
There were some other fisherman in the camp. This is Norm and Gordon
Norm again, this time with Martin, but not a lot of catching of fish happening here
This is where we lived, in the Jayco Hilton, with a front row seat to nature’s passing parade
Speaking of the passing parade, this river runs for over 1600 kilometers
It’s beautiful at sunrise
and sublime under Easter’s full moon
Thinking about it more, this part of the river is spectacular at any time of day
despite it’s rather low water level
not to mention the rainbow coloured rocks. Well, maybe they’re not rainbow coloured, but heck, have you seen such matching colours in two rocks that live a meter apart?
And look at these white tree branches sprouting brownish-yellow green leaves, against the bluest of skies
If you want to put your life into perspective, paradise is not a bad place to do it
Maggie and I have been visiting this paradise together for seven out of the last eight years and this is the dryest we have seen it
Is this the dryest “One Tree Hill” you’ve ever seen?
What do the sheep have to feed on. Not much at the moment
Red dust everywhere. Cattle is also run on this property
Beautiful, despite the dry
Even the thistles are finding it hard going
Paradise has other stories to tell. This one is about the long-beaked bird that was transformed into a tree, but keeps on trying to fly away
Another story is about the tree that turned into a water dragon, grew a Rhino’s horn, was petrified to be seen in public and so remains in the same place forever
Dry as a bone – these could be the bones of a dinosaur, if they weren’t the bones of old trees.
Here are some of the friends who shared the experience with us. Sorry I didn’t get a photo of everyone during our Holiday in Paradise 2018. There were 22 of us in total.

You can also see our Holiday in Paradise (2017) by returning to the main page of this blog. It was a lot greener then.

  • Daryl
    Posted at 17:56h, 03 May Reply

    Hi Alistair
    Nice fishing photos.
    It does look very dry so hope the recent rains will help the river and the country side

    • alistairstravel
      Posted at 15:38h, 08 May Reply

      Thanks Daryl, It is a nice place to fish and rest. Although I’ve not caught any fish there. I believe there was some rain after since we were there, but probably not enough yet.

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