If I knew nothing else about British penal colonies of 18th and 19th Century in New South Wales, except their locations, I would conclude that the primary method of punishment used by the British was: Place prisoners in an idyllic location, but make sure they can't enjoy it.

After "chickening out" on the trip to the northern "tip" (Australia's Cape York Peninsula), nothing was going to stop us reaching the eastern extremity (Cape Byron). Except, maybe, a wrong turn.....?

We arrived in Byron Bay on "Beachside Market Day". The town was busy and traffic was sloooow. We didn't know exactly how to get to our destination at Clarkes Beach caravan park and our "Sat Nav" couldn't pinpoint the exact location.

I could only find one headland at Burleigh Heads,....soooooooo why do "they" add the "s". Perhaps one headland was washed away, or perhaps the plural just sounds better? The one and only Burleigh headland is rather small, so maybe "being" pluralised makes it feel bigger? OR.......perhaps the late Eric Morcombe was "wise" when he uttered,
"There's no answer to that, is there"